Deveraux Photography
Models and Aspiring Models
The cost of your first prints for submission can be very expensive.  

At Deveraux Photography we do have promotions of Time For Prints (TFP).

What that means is you give us some of your time and we will give you 4x6 prints or a
photo CD at no charge to you.

Now, what we ask in exchange is the right to use your pictures on our site as well as in
any commercial/private form; shows, exhibits, media type or other submissions.

Also, a model release  
must  be signed by the model.

Chaperones are most welcome.  

If the model chooses not to have a chaperon present, then they must provided proper
identification stating that they are as least 18 years of age.

Each model is an independent contractor and will not be employed by Deveraux
Photography or any of its agents.  

Each model is solely responsible for all permits, licenses, other expenses incurred as
well as any taxes and insurance that may be required.

Terms, conditions and fees stated may change without notice.

Filming on location and dates booked in advance are subject to availability of
Deveraux Photography.  

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